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SNDL has been entrusted by MSEDCL to provide quality power supply to the customers in the three divisions of Power Distribution Franchisee (DF) for Nagpur city - Gandhibagh, Civil lines and Mahal division. The company is maintaining a dedicated focus on distributing power efficiently, reducing losses, and providing high level of consumer satisfaction to approximately 4 lakh consumers in Nagpur city. The impetus behind this is the zeal to establish Nagpur as a model franchisee in India with global standards in power distribution. SNDL intends to bring about a positive change in the customer experience by introducing customer centric initiatives and has devised a mechanism to initially minimize and eventually eliminate customer grievances. It has also introduced hassle free processes for New Service Connections, both permanent and temporary to help its consumers get legitimate Power connections.

SNDL takes pride in its state of the art IT systems. These systems not only brings the energy consumption and billing processes on an integrated platform but also helps in making the entire process transparent thus enabling SNDL to resolve consumer query if any.

SNDL has a vision of becoming the Model Distribution Franchisee based on its processes and industry best practices. The company has put together aggressive plans to ensure a delightful consumer experience and thus becoming the preferred Distribution Utility business owner.


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